Tuesday, January 26, 2010

InvestorCentric: What Could Cause A US Default On Its Debt

InvestorCentric: What Could Cause A US Default On Its Debt

What does this mean? .....that the United States is broke and YOU owe these other nations money. This has been a pretext to world wars and ends to civilizations. This is no joke.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Truth Telling Rant

Things just always seem to keep getting worse. Pessimism is at an all time high. Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Baggers hate the United States and her people....that is unless it becomes a theocratic business-run plutocracy. The affects of 30 years of conservative policy have created the same mess that every dominant nation experiences before its collapse. Their presence within this nation is now becoming a serious problem for the continuation the United States.

Republicans are hateful, racists, bigots, hypocrites, thieves, poorly educated, zealots, single-minded, unintellectual, dull, non-sexual (or rapist/pedophiles), and enemies of Liberty. Perhaps this truth-filled rant needs to be stated more often by more people. I believe they threaten the rather robust constitutional that the US rest upon, and that means a lot.

The conditions are in-place for a repeat of the kind Right-Wing terrorism espoused by the Nazis during the 1930's, and I see a lot of the same dialogue coming from the Tea Party rallies today. Be warned, they do not represent the citizens, but their corporate and religious overlords. They are in essence, home-grown terrorist.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The results of not listening to your constituents

When unemployment goes above 30% in Detroit next spring, rioting will begin there and spread to other cities (think 1960's). Eight years of "tax cuts" and ignoring the needs of the poor citizen (not just the voters) will result in needless death, destruction and chaos for all. There is not a system in-place that hasn't been defunded to contain a nationwide riot...the police and military are made up of these same suffering people....

The health care reform failure will be the proverbial straw [that broke the camel's back] for these unemployed people to deal with. To privately insure a family of five, is more than maximum unemployment compensation pays out in a month. You can do the math....they will be pissed and really have no options....

There is not much old, rich [predominantly white] people can do to keep a power grip on the country and this situation much longer.

I don't see anyway around this eventuality. The jobs are simply not there anymore, and will not be returning. Healthcare is something that you cannot wave around in someones face when they have a sick or dying child. You used to have it, but now you don't. The writing is on the wall for anyone willing to look.

I just dread the thought of having my family live through it. The future is bleak, and was created by 20 years of republican (and a few democrats) control.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Healthcare for all, or a civil war of have and have-nots...

The power struggle between the greedy and the poor regarding health care reform needs to be realized from a broader perspective. The poor simply out-number the rich by 95%. History is replete with scenarios where the wealthy have paid with their lives for their unending and unneccessary greed. It is not a far-reaching conclusion to assume that as more people are moved toward the uninsured roles, that a popular movement will be spread through culture to fight against this injustice.

It is my belief that it would be in the best interests of the country to get behind a public option or risk dealing with a bloody revolt in which we ALL will be affected by. It is a pay-to-play option that the rich choose by living in the US. If you are going to live like nobility amongst the masses, then you will pay your graduated tax toward the "general welfare" of the citizens whom backs that you stand on to enjoy your lifestyle here. That is a reality that I believe has been greatly overlooked in the past 30 years as wage disparity grows. The Czar and his ministers learned this 100 years ago, and now it looks like history will be repeating.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, another casualty of the Wreckade

What more can I say then what is already proliferating on a constant 24/7 news feed. After the dust settles, I believe more people will agree with my assessment of this rotten decade.

Monday, June 15, 2009

In The Year 2000 AD

So branded as a year of futuristic change, 2000 was in many respects, a significant year for The United States....the beginning of the end. It was in this year that it became absolutely clear that there were regional political ideologies that simply cannot co-exist even in a nation founded on diversity. The US Civil War of the mid 19th century has nothing on the political divide that exists today (2009).

State and federal rights are but a tip of the enormous political iceberg that plows throughout the day to day lives of all US citizens now. Everything is political and divisive to the point of insanity. Richard Nixon's legacy of lies and hate set the mold for the modern Republican Party, for it is they who are responsible for having destroyed the United States. I find it a paradox that the Republican Party were at the helm while the nation was restored to order during the Civil War yet it was they whom brought it to a long painful end. There is no compromise with their politics, their way or no way. That is not the spirit of the US, but of the Feudal governments of past history.

I believe that a division into autonomous "nation states" would be the best case scenario as a means to peacefully co-exist. An intellectually-based, technologically superior North East and Midwest to Illinois union that would emphasize a democratic social society. The south would be a capital-based republic with wealthy nobility and larger poor population of serfs to serve them. The West would be fractured and mostly provide the entertainment for their neighboring nations.

Sound good?